Basilisk and Serpent branding

Basilisk (official) and Serpent (unofficial) web browsers carry branding with individual licensing restrictions.
This page provides a brief overview of your rights and obligations regarding branding for either browser.

TL;DR: If you are doing more than verbatim redistribution and are not us, don't use official branding.

Basilisk browser

The Basilisk web browser is a web browser based on UXP, distributed by the Basilisk Development Team. It is subject to a controlled build environment by trusted individuals.
The Basilisk name and logo are trademarks, and may not be used in any software other than officially-built, unaltered and officially-endorsed (i.e. with express prior permission) application software, regardless of distribution method.
This includes without limitation redistribution of modified binaries or alternate (pre-)configurations, or providing automated build systems with instructions resulting in an officially-branded program on a user's system.
To distribute a build or equivalent build instructions with official branding requires the express prior permission of the copyright holder of the involved trademarks.
Even though the branding materials are included in Basilisk's Open Source code repository, you are not granted any rights to them.
Please note: While Basilisk was originally created and published by the same team as Pale Moon, it does not come with the additional freedoms granted in Pale Moon's redistribution license.

Serpent browser

The Serpent web browser is the unofficially-branded web browser based on UXP, and may be distributed by any third party in any configuration.
The Serpent name and logo are free to use by anyone for their own builds, regardless of distribution in source code or binary form. Please adhere to the creative commons license for use of the logo.
No permission is required to distribute any (modified or unmodified) build or equivalent build instructions with unofficial branding.